UGA triples size of Graduate School Emergency Fund

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This article was originally posted on UGA Today on November 18, 2019.

Fund provides one-time assistance to graduate students facing emergencies.

The University of Georgia will triple the size of a special emergency fund to support critical and unexpected financial needs of graduate students.

UGA President Jere W. Morehead has announced that he will set aside $100,000 this year, and another $100,000 next year, in private funding to support the Graduate Student Emergency Fund. The fund provides one-time financial assistance to enrolled graduate students facing temporary hardship related to an emergency situation.

“When some of our graduate students encounter significant and unforeseen hardships, the University of Georgia needs the ability to provide support and assistance,” said President Jere W. Morehead.  “We are a student-centered institution, and this additional investment in our graduate students is consistent with our mission.”

Over the last six years, the University has demonstrated its commitment to graduate students by consistently increasing the rate of the graduate stipend. Effective this fall, the University has raised its subsidy to cover half of the cost of the premium for eligible students who are required to enroll in the graduate student health insurance plan. These collective increases have totaled more than $6 million in additional funding being provided directly to the benefit of graduate students.

Since the emergency fund was launched during the 2018-19 academic year, the Graduate School has disbursed approximately $50,000 to graduate students.

“The research, instructional and service missions of UGA benefit directly from the efforts of our graduate students,” said Graduate School Interim Dean Ron Walcott. “We deeply value the contributions that graduate students make to UGA’s mission and are committed to creating an environment where they can thrive.”

Documentation verifying the emergency situation must be submitted at the time of application. A similar fund to assist undergraduates is administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid.