How to give


A bright future for the University of Georgia means a bright future for our state, nation and world, and endowments are critical to securing that future.

Gifts to endowments are not spent; rather they are invested by the University of Georgia Foundation so as to maximize the return on investment and create income that is used to fund specific areas as designated by the endowment’s creator. The result is a steady flow of funding each year with an endowment that continues to grow and which generates greater levels of income and impact.

As the University of Georgia’s endowment grows, so too does our reputation and reach on a global scale. The financial stability that endowments provide enables our talented students and faculty to push boundaries, take risks and pursue solutions to any new issue that arises.

To learn more about creating a lasting legacy through an endowment, fill out the below contact form and our development team will reach out with more information.

Abraham Baldwin