Benefits of Giving

Ensuring UGA’s Future

As the state’s flagship institution of higher education, the University of Georgia is committed to keeping tuition and fees affordable for all students. However, in an era of rising costs and decreasing state support, to achieve that end, the university relies on private support more than at any time in its history.

Less than 40 percent of UGA’s total operating budget is provided by state appropriation, while tuition funds less than 15 percent. If the University of Georgia is to remain on an upward trajectory as one of America’s great institutions, and if we are to preserve a burgeoning tradition of excellence, the financial equation is dependent on the generosity of our alumni and friends.

Making an Impact

Many donors may not realize the capacity they have to positively impact the lives of students, faculty and the University of Georgia for generations. Most donors cannot afford to make a major gift to the university at a given moment in their lives, but planned giving provides an avenue through which the same people can give more than they ever thought possible.

Planned gifts are typically the largest and most significant gift a donor will ever make. At UGA, the evidence of planned giving and the effectiveness of such generosity permeates the institution. The university’s most generous benefactors have funded scholarships, chairs and professorships, campus infrastructure and many other areas of critical need.

Preserving Your Legacy

A named endowment creates a lasting legacy and offers an excellent way for donors to honor friends, family, colleagues, etc. with a permanent source of funding for a specific area of need as directed by those endowing the gifts.

Endowed funds are invested by the University of Georgia Foundation so as to maximize the return on investment and to create income that is used to fund specific areas of need at the university as designated by the donor. The result is a steady flow of funding each year with an endowment that continues to grow and which successively generates greater levels of income. At no time is the principal of the endowment spent, thus creating the ongoing stream of income for university needs and perpetuating a tribute to those whose names the endowments bear.

Receiving Tax Benefits

The tax advantages of planned giving may be substantial by providing immediate deductions and/or by greatly reducing estate taxes in the future. This is especially true when securities, properties and other assets that have appreciated in value may be involved. The total income, estate and capital gains tax savings, when combined with lower probate expenses, may be quite significant. The University of Georgia recommends all planned giving be done with the advice of tax professionals and legal counsel.

Membership in The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society honors alumni and friends who have made a deferred gift to support the University of Georgia, University of Georgia Foundation, or an affiliated organization. Members receive special recognition from the President with a welcome packet, are listed in the Annual Honor Roll of Donors and other university publications, and are periodically invited to special events on campus. Learn more about the Heritage Society.