Parents Leadership Council

The Parents Leadership Council is a group of highly engaged parents who are eager to be involved on campus and make a direct impact on undergraduate student life.

Parents Leadership Council Roster

Jeff and Laura Alexander Fort Worth, TX
Ivan and Blain Allen Atlanta, GA
Jamie and Lori Baker Fayetteville, NY
Bill and Robin Barfield Augusta, GA
Andy and Laura Barksdale Charlotte, NC
Kevin and Annie Barnes Pacific Palisades, CA
Alan and Wendy Barron Fort Worth, TX
Cathy and Cliff Barshay Atlanta, GA
Jim and Susie Benefield St. Simons Island, GA
Mitch and Rosanna Bernet Cumming, GA
Andrew and Sam Berry Rome, GA
George and Deana Bishop Marietta, GA
Christopher and Caroline Boggs Richmond, VA
Scott and Lori Bohrer Atlanta, GA
Lora and Barry Boniface Atlanta, GA
Kirk and Deanne Bradley Chapel Hill, NC
Mitch and Detra Brock St. Simons Island, GA
Brian Brown Atlanta, GA
Chris and Stacey Brown Arlington, VA
James and Judith Brucia Springfield, NJ
Adam and Adrienne Bruckman Marietta, GA
Trey and Elizabeth Brunson St. Simons Island, GA
Robert and Angela Buchholz Dallas, TX
Tony and Alison Bueschen Nashville, TN
Marsh and Jennifer Butler Macon, GA
Michael and Jennifer Butler St. Simons Island, GA
Paul and Debra Butler McLean, VA
Neal and Teri Callahan Pine Mountain, GA
Christopher and Lorena Canellos Dallas, TX
Alex and Chris Cann Atlanta, GA
Ryan and Tina Cantwell Kennesaw, GA
John and Allison Carlisle Dallas, TX
Brian and Elizabeth Carlock Fort Worth, TX
Clayton and Ellen Carmack Marietta, GA
Tristan and Melanie Caudron Potomac, MD
Pedro and Tomeka Cherry Atlanta, GA
Elizabeth and Michael Chiaramonte Alexandria, VA
Raj and Shruti Chokshi Alpharetta, GA
John and Julie Clark Dallas, TX
Susan and Todd Clark Atlanta, GA
Whit and Beth Clay Ridgewood, NJ
John and Kimberly Clements Charlotte, NC
Guyton and Mary Alice Cochran Carrollton, GA
Caroline and West Cook Nashville, TN
Sean and Martha Cook Atlanta, GA
Peter and Gretchen Corbell Hermosa Beach, CA
Jay and Jennifer Cornforth Summit, NJ
Bill and Michelle Crandall Westfield, NJ
Matt and Margaret Cronin Excelsrio, MN
Patrick and Lacie Crow Dallas, TX
Tim and Julia Danklef Dallas, TX
Scott and Catherine Davis Macon, GA
Jim and Becky Denny Oklahoma City, OK
Doug and Christie Derrick Atlanta, GA
Jill and Dan Dienst New York, NY
Jason and Laura Downing Dallas, TX
Steve and Katie Durkee Macon, GA
Kim Dye Mount Pleasant, SC
Margaret and E.C. Eck Virginia Beach, VA
Collins and Mary Ege Arlington, VA
Bill and Katie Elder Bronxville, NY
Denise and Eddie Esserman St. Simons Island, GA
Shannon and Mark Farrington Nashville, TN
Jeff and Ginger Fasy Atlanta, GA
Sean and Eileen Fennelly Atlanta, GA
Lee and Adela Ferrell Nashville, TN
Catherine and Thomas Fleetwood Atlanta, GA
Mott and Mary Call Ford Memphis, TN
Adam and Linda Fuller Atlanta, GA
Richard and Laura Gardner Marietta, GA
Michael and Mary Garrison McDonough, GA
Tommy and Dana Gay Gainesville, GA
David and Bonnie Gibson Macon, GA
David Gilbert and Cynthia Gibson Knoxville, TN
William and Carol Glasstetter Dallas, TX
Clark and Michele Goodwin King of Prussia, PA
Trey and Lesee Googe Atlanta, GA
Kurt and Patti Gosch Marietta, GA
Bruce and Linda Graham Dallas, TX
George and Andrea Gramling Tampa, FL
Jay and Cappy Gratwick Marietta, GA
Stephen and Cathy Gregg Alpharetta, GA
Aaron and Deborah Gwinner Marietta, GA
Matthew and Carol Haney Macon, GA
Joseph and Amy Harberg Dallas, TX
Scott and Reed Harrison Richmond, VA
Terry “Bubba” and Jill Hartigan Dunwoody, GA
Ben and Leslie Hartman St. Simons Island, GA
Eva and Armin Hartmann Richmond, VA
Jeff and Sarabeth Hayden Tampa, FL
Keli Hazel McDonough, GA
Kim and Gibb Heilman Charlotte, NC
Timothy and Claudia Helmig Bethesda, MD
Jeffrey Herlyn and Kristine Reddington Wilton, CT
John and Lisa Herman Atlanta, GA
Bobby and Jamie Hillin Houston, TX
Max and Ingrid Hilsman Atlanta, GA
Adam Savage and Paget Hines Atlanta, GA
Billy and Claire Holley Atlanta, GA
Mark and Helene Honeybone Dallas, TX
Bill and Lucy Horlock Atlanta, GA
Gerald and Christina Howard McLean, VA
Chuck and Jamie Hubbard Atlanta, GA
David and Meghan Hudgins Los Angeles, CA
Mark and Mary Lyn Huffman Marietta, GA
Matt and Cathy Hunt Alpharetta, GA
John and Abby Irby Atlanta, GA
Paul and Cassie Johan Tampa, FL
Andrew and Ashley Jones Marietta, GA
Greg and Brooke Kadet Tampa, FL
Bobby and Pam Kaufmann Atlanta, GA
David and Julie Kelly Atlanta, GA
Steve and Kristine Kester Duluth, GA
Eric and Becky Kindt Nashville, TN
Scott and Christie Krase Chappaqua, NY
Richard and Erika Lane Athens, GA
Troy and Shannon Lanier Augusta, GA
Russell and Kathryn Laughlin Fort Worth, TX
Anna and Matthew Lee Austin, TX
Jay and Paige Lee Macon, GA
Jay and Debbie Levin Atlanta, GA
Rob Carnegie and Alison Lewis Atlanta, GA
Jones and Mary Lindgren Atlanta, GA
Luther and Jane Lockwood Charlotte, NC
Mark and Susan Loeffler Atlanta, GA
Frank and Tamie Lumpkin Columbus, GA
Tav and Maureen Lupton Dallas, TX
John Maier and Jennifer Mitchell Washington, DC
Jack and Mary Pat Manfredi Athens, GA
Anuj and Bindu Manocha Smyrna, GA
Brian and Victoria Marger Brentwood, TN
Michael and Suzanne Masters Atlanta, GA
Jolie and Al Maxwell Atlanta, GA
Chuck and Carrie McCall Summit, NJ
Andrew and Lisa McCollam Houston, TX
Fray and Margaret McCormick Columbus, GA
Robert and Cynthia McCormick Colleyville, TX
Jennifer and Russell McNair Cincinnati, OH
Matthew and Bonnie Meshad Atlanta, GA
Jennifer and Daniel Miller St. Simons Island, GA
Jayne Ann Milling Atlanta, GA
Jeff and Allison Mitchell Blacksburg, VA
Andrew and Angela Moore Newport Coast, CA
Luanne and Ralph Morales St. Simons Island, GA
Joseph and Jayne Morgan Kennesaw, GA
Brent and Rana Morse Henrico, VA
John and Talia Murphy Brookhaven, GA
Grey and Holley Murray Augusta, GA
Jack and Mary Murray Tampa, FL
Jim and Jill Mutimer Marietta, GA
Stelling and Sandy Nelson Hillsboro, GA
Gregory and Amy Oetting Augusta, GA
Mark and Meredith O’Meara Houston, TX
David and Alannah O’Quinn St. Simons Island, GA
John and Kay Parker Athens, GA
Carl and Cathy Paschal St. Simons Island, GA
William and Rachael Peek Fortson, GA
Charlie and Kelly Polk Richmond, VA
Mark and Jane Pompa Easton, CT
Clif and Angela Poston Marietta, GA
Ted and Susan Pound Atlanta, GA
Jeff and Katie Powers Macon, GA
Spence and April Price Oakwood, GA
Richard Puma and Lucy Choy Manhasset, NY
Steve and Rosalinda Rayman Atlanta, GA
Erwin and Allison Reid Atlanta, GA
Cheryl and Jeff Resnick Greenwich, CT
Walt and Claire Reynolds Fort Worth, TX
Ken and Elizabeth Correll Richards Atlanta, GA
Bill and Mary Jo Riddle Greenwich, CT
Patrick and Sarah Rita Arlington, VA
Charles and Juliana Riviezzo Syosset, NY
Stan and Jennifer Robinson St. Simons Island, GA
Scott and Tracey Rogan Houston, TX
Jeff and Alisa Roth Alpharetta, GA
William and Jennifer Waguespack-Labiche Roth Lafayette, LA
Lee Lukas and Stacey Rusk McLean, VA
Alison Russell Nashville, TN
Sanjay Agrawala and Vibha Rustagi Atlanta, GA
Scott and Tracy Ryan Atlanta, GA
Mark Ryan and Kay Loerch Dunwoody, GA
Sherry and Tod Sawicki Atlanta, GA
Paul and Jenee Schmergel Greenwood Village, CO
Ken Schnitzer Dallas, TX
Gary and Caroline Shockley Nashville, TN
Carol and David Shutley Atlanta, GA
Todd and Darlene Shutley Atlanta, GA
Michael and Lisa Siegel Atlanta, GA
Elizabeth and David Sikes Atlanta, GA
Frank and Lacy Sinkwich Athens, GA
Doug and Kim Sleeper Charlotte, NC
David and Christine Slump Weston, CT
Cal and Sara Smith Atlanta, GA
Stuart and Lynne Smith Nashville, TN
Scott and Marybeth Steilen St. Simons Island, GA
John and Melinda Stevenson Houston, TX
Carey and Wendy Stewart Atlanta, GA
Preston and Helen Stewart Atlanta, GA
Fred and Melissa Sturgis Atlanta, GA
James and Caroline Sullivan Summit, New Jersey
Allen and Gillian Taylor Atlanta, GA
Richard and Alex Taylor Atlanta, GA
Gordon and Helen Terranova Charlotte, NC
Christopher and Melinda Thomann Marietta, GA
Dawson and Carolyn Thombs Nashville, TN
Jason and Kristen Tompkins Columbia, SC
Chris and Beth Trebus Bernardsville, NJ
Marshall and Leslye Tuck Greensboro, NC
James and Allison Turk Blacksburg, VA
Jeff and Jamie Vargo Westlake Village, CA
Joseph Vargo Rome, GA
Daniel and Elizabeth Veal St. Simons Island, GA
Nick and Sarah Vrolijk St. Simons Island, GA
Lisa and Joe Wargo Atlanta, GA
Olivia and Woody Waters Newnan, GA
Chris and Peggy Weaver Alpharetta, GA
Winston and Brooke Weinmann Atlanta, GA
Andy and Jamie Weyenberg Cumming, GA
Charlie and Karen Wickliffe Atlanta, GA
Kendall Williams Marietta, GA
Kevin and Gwen Williams Canton, GA
Blake and Stephanie Wilson Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Luke and Avery Wolff Columbus, GA
Alan and Kimberly Worthley St. Simons Island, GA
Philip and Julie Wunderlich Memphis, TN

Steilens family

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