Meet the student callers: Emilio Morales-Bello

Emilio Morales-Bello

Student callers significantly contribute to UGA’s fundraising success, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Emilio Morales-Bello ’21 is one of them, and we recently spoke to him to learn more about his UGA experience and what he enjoys most about working at the engagement center.

What brought you to UGA?

My sister was studying for her undergraduate degree at the University. So I chose to come here to get a great education and be close to family.

What is your major?


What’s your favorite UGA memory thus far?

My favorite memory of UGA is going to the many events that are held on campus like Noche Latina, an event held to support hispanic speaking countries and students. 

What do you enjoy most about your job in the engagement center?

I enjoy that I am able to meet many different people from different walks of life. I’m also able to study between calls with alumni and parents.

What impact do you hope that the donations received by student callers will have on the university?

I hope the donations bridge the gap for students who are academically able to be enrolled, but do not necessarily have the financial means.

What was your most memorable call?

I had the opportunity to speak with an alumna who used her degree to travel to many different cities around the world. She explained to me that traveling has helped her become more culturally aware and grow as a person.