Dawgs Helping Dogs at the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine

If you’re an avid football fan, a lover of dogs, or just watch the news, you might have seen the story about Scout, a golden retriever whose life was saved at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Scout’s owner David MacNeil purchased a $6 million Super Bowl commercial to thank the veterinarians at UW.


Just like the veterinarians at the University of Wisconsin-Madison whose innovative techniques saved Scout’s life, the University of Georgia’s C0llege of Veterinary Medicine is driven by a deep and powerful passion to define and deliver all that veterinary medicine can, and should, be.

If you are interested in helping support the research at UGA, consider donating to the Golden Retriever Oncology Research Fund to help save dogs like Scout or donate to another fund for the College of Veterinary Medicine to support all animals big and small. Commit to ending canine cancer.